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  • San Diego Folk Heritage

    San Diego Folk Heritage preserves and promotes acoustic music, storytelling, and Contra Dances in greater San Diego. We provide an opportunity for members of the community to see, hear, and take part in these activities.

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  • Ottawa Folklore Centre

    A store & more, a resource for Ottawa traditions:

    Ottawa Folklore Centre
    1111 Bank Street
    Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3X4
    613-730-2887 vox
    613-730-2257 fax
    1-800-385-FOLK (general inquiries) (OFC School of Music) (repairs)

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  • Manx Traditional Music for Sessions

    60 tunes from the Isle of Man, by dance time and in sets.

    The book also has a written section (49 A4 pages) that puts Manx traditional music into context, giving a brief history of traditional music and dance in the Island; its decline and revival; links between Manx and neighbouring traditions; a discussion on what makes music ‘traditional’; Manx tune names; playing in sessions; modal scales and set building, and so on.

    The author has been playing traditional music for over 30 years and been closely involved with Manx music for most of that time.

    The collection includes many tunes you will not have heard, some nice variations of Irish and other tunes plus a few popular compositions.

    Available from Nigel Gatherer’s site (follow the link).

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  • Traditional Tunes from Leitrim | Fund of Music

    Flute, tin whistle and fiddle audio recordings in the Leitrim style. Searchable database with accompanying notation and midi. Features locally popular tunes played by Brian O’Callaghan.
    Also includes browsable and downloadable ABC tunebooks. Tune settings by music collector and teacher the late Mick Clancy from Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim comprise one collection.

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  • Jethro Burns Mandolin Lesson Tapes

    Excellent collection of audio recordings made by students of Jethro Burns, mandolin player. Jazz/bluegrass/country style.

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