the artiste formerly known as the hussar

I wish to advise that as of Oct 2013, ‘the hussar’ will no longer be making contributions to - I have been looking in here since 2005 and made a modest contribution in my own time. I’ve enjoyed the cut & thrust here in the past, the bit of banter and slagging. And also along the way, I’ve learnt of various aspects of this music.

However, it is clear that the webmaster, Jeremy, no longer wishes to run the discussion forum here along the lines above. And I can’t be bothered anymore, there are other sites where there’s more craic. It’s a pity, I’ve seen a good few knowledgeable posters slip away in the last couple of years but change is the way of all things. I have other concerns as well, particularly with regard to how other members have been treated & the integrity of the ‘private messaging’ system here.

I wish you all well, I thank you for any kind comments and/or help in the past and trust that you get plenty of satisfaction from playing the few tunes.

A bit of spark and lively debate used to make this place interesting but I’m afraid the discussion forum has descended into mediocrity. It appears that the web site owner wishes to run a ‘happy clappy’ type of forum where no one can say ‘boo’ to anyone for fear of offending them. Whilst I certainly respect civility, I also believe that one should be honest and be in a position to ‘call a spade a spade’.

The Recordings and Tunes databases remain useful and there’s information to be gleaned by mining the old Discussions.

Here’s a simple jig that came into my head recently when I was ascending a hill near Graiguenamanagh in Co.Kilkenny. A low heathery kinda hill, overlooking the Barrow and capped by a large pile of stones, presumably a megalithic burial cairn. The locals call it Cullintra Hill. Doubtless the tune itself is derivative and a loose version of some other ditty I’ve heard but regardless:
X: 1
T: The Cullintra Jig
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D major
A|def edB| AFA B2F| ABA F2D| GFG EFG|def edB| AFA B2F| ABA F2E|FDD D2:|
F|AFA AFA| BGB BGB| c2d e2c| BcB AFA|def edB| AFA B2F| ABA F2E|FDD D2:|