tunebook 78 tunes.

I play a few instruments but mainly the B/C Button Accordion. I enjoy Trad Irish music, Ulster Scots Music and Newfie tunes too. I used to play in an accordion band in N.Ireland many years ago and also play the flute. Although I have a decent repertoire consisting of Reels, Jigs and Hornpipes on the keyless flute, I also play military marches on the Bb High Pitch band flutes. I live for playing and listening to music and this site has helped me no end.
I am new to abc’s and written music in general, as I have always learned by ear, so please be gentle.

Iam currently researchng the musical traditions of Northern Ireland with particular focus on the modern Loyalist and Republican marching bands and the political ballads they sing.
If you are interested in contributing you can email me at

Please don’t leave comments about how bad my abc interpretation is, recently I have had unhelpful criticism relating to my abc’s however, copy and paste it into any midi converter and you will still hear what i hear which surely is better than the tunes not being presented at all.