Trevor Jennings

tunebook 4 tunes.

Bristol, England. Fiddler. Violinist in several orchestras. Previously an orchestral cellist.
Formerly known here as "Lazyhound", and before as "Fidicen" (Late Latin for "player of a stringed instrument", or "fiddler"). Also post fairly regularly on the forum
Here is a Latin haiku I composed and posted here 10 years ago on discussion #2540, which is full of wonderful haiku. Many members here may recognize it as being relevant to sessions they’ve been to!
Tibia planget
Virgo tympanum pulsat
Bibet fidicen
I posted my translation a little later in discussion #2540, but the last line and a bit have apparently disappeared from the website over the years. So here is the complete version,
The flute wails
The girl thumps the bodhran
The fiddler drinks
Here is a video of the Bristol band Spiro performing on tour in India, 2013,