tunebook 33 tunes.

In my early 60ies, in southern Germany, with a varied musical biography (after travelling extensively through Appalachia in the early 70s): guitarist/5string banjo in a country band, blues harp in a blues band for ten years in the 90s. After a recent (2007) visit to Ireland with lots of listening renewed interest in ITM. Instruments: mainly tenor banjo and 5string, harmonica, a little bit of english concertina. Parallel: continuing interest in blues and old-time mountain tunes, especially clawhammer banjo, on the lookout for a new band, always willing to experiment with the music . Most recent - deep - musical impression: staying summers in Nova Scotia, getting to know the close-knit and at the same time very varied scene there, and experiencing Cape Breton music live all over the little community halls and sessions there: an incredibly warm and musically rich experience, enhanced by the overall variety of the Canadian music scene: anything from old time roots music to the Canadian variety of ITM, as represented e.g. by bands like The Outside Track. And: thereĀ“s also quite a blues scene on Barrington Street in Halifax NS - lots of session possibilities.