Larry the Piper

tunebook 57 tunes.

Located in Austin, TX…a reformed Highland piper, I primarily play the Uilleann pipes and whistles — and playing Morrison reel pipes as well as the occasional tune on the GHBs (tho, playing them now is something close to loathing). I was trained ‘properly’ has a Highland bagpiper while living in the U.K. for 5+ years and studied under Richard Jasper, P/M Steven Duffy (Scots Guards), and P/M Dixie Ingram (Scots Guards).

I played for some years in a fairly well known celtic rock band based in the Midwest US, but tired of general lack of musicianship in the celtic rock scene and have since migrated to drop and contemporary trad.

Instruments played:
Tim Benson Uilleann full brass and ebony set - love them!
Burke Whistles
A hand-me-down piano accordion
Fred Morrison (Macallum) Reelpipes (A)
Highland bagpipes