Col Arco

tunebook 920 tunes.

Lived many years in Bristol UK, now in Ealing, West London. Previously played guitar in non folk /trad context (Swing jazz and ‘experimental rock’!), then after some years away from playing, discovered ITM sessions, and started playing mandolin and tenor banjo in nearby ‘learner’s session’ ; (thanks Gill Newlyn). Unfortunately Gill ‘disappeared’ off to Kerry soon after I started, and before I started trying to learn fiddle.
She was a great session leader, and has a very good reputation as a fiddle teacher. Recommended !
Couple of years ago started learning box, (much easier than fiddle, though less rewarding in many ways).
I never really got too far with my fiddle learning , and now usually choose between mandolin and box to take to a session.
Due to lack of any rhythm accompaniment in many recent sessions, I’ve considered reverting to guitar for such occasions. (not really played guitar for nearly 20 years !) However, despite previous guitar playing experience, I find playing good accompaniment for Irish trad far from easy. Don’t expect to see me playing it ‘out’ before plenty more ‘home practice’.