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  • Donough

    I never had a nickname and got through boarding school as one of the few who never got one. I think my real name was weird enough even in Ireland. BTW it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic word "Donnacha" or "Donnchadh" which is the word for Denis/Dennis a...

  • Mark Hemery

    I am from Perth, Western Australia. I play guitar mainly, but getting into mandolin, whistle and singing. I have played guitar and bass in rock bands for many years (Chad's Tree, Marigolds, 80s Inc) but I am now interested in exploring traditional music...

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  • Martin_BC

    I live near Fremantle in Western Australia.

  • Lindsay Cullen

    live Perth, Australia.

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  • bdh

    Perth, Western Australia. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, mostly playing whistles and pipes, but will happily pickup anything within reach if left to my own devices. I use as my tunebook, so I'm frequently uploading transcriptions of tunes tha...

  • Valerie Cutler

    Hi my name is Val. I play a few instruments but my main one is the fiddle. I mostly play at Irish events - sesions, pubs and weddings etc. Always looking for new tunes.

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  • Eva Hourihan joined 4 months ago
  • Chooditj

    Hi, I'm from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I like to play Bodhran, whistle and guitar. I also have a soft spot for the use of Ukulele and Melodicas in ITM style music.

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  • John Taylor

    Born In Northern Ireland, I have lived in the Isle of Man and now Perth Western Australia. I play a bit of guitar and sing. Mys inging is substantially better than my guitar playing but I don't let that deter me appreciating good live music.

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  • sgp

    Hi, I'm Stuart, live in Fremantle, Western Australia, from Scotland originally and play flute, whistle and mandolin. Currently playing with Blue Celts, The Rogues, and Dave Hyams and the Miles to Go Band.