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  • wordridden

    My name's Jessica. I'm a lapsed fiddle and whistle player. It's thanks to Jeremy that I play(ed) Irish music at all - not because I stumbled across the Session and it piqued my interest, but because I stumbled across Jeremy himself all those years ago!

  • Jeremy

    My name is Jeremy. I'm from the town of Cobh, county Cork but I'm living in Brighton, southern England now.

  • Phil Masters

    I live in Brighton, U.K. and have a fondness for English and European folk music as well as bluegrass and 'old time' American tunes. I play baritone ukulele but in a folk style with Front Room Folk, (a 'collective' that play a of session in the town and ...

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  • Daniel Davies

    American born Irish/English, reverse pioneer now residing in East Sussex. Playing flutes and whistles, guitar, bass, and experiemental electronica.

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  • Bluepears
  • ninibee


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  • Bob Fellingham

    Have played violin in local orchestras for many years. Also concert flute and accordion. Enjoy making bansuri , native american, and other flutes. Am now trying to learn folk music, and it's hard memorising the stuff ! Live in Sussex.

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  • ceoltas

    Uilleann Piper.

  • GeorgiaLewis

    Folk Singer and instrumentalist. Plays whistle, guitar, accordion, piano. Lives in Sussex and plays with Georgia Lewis & Friends and The Kemptown Ceili band. and

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