Another Musical Interlude

By Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham

  1. Stella’s Trip To Camloops
    Memories Of Father Angus Macdonald
    Laird Of Drumblair
  2. Estonian
    All Round The World And Back Again
    La Bastringue
  3. Sarah’s Song
  4. Charlie Hunter’s
    The Mouse In The Cupboard
  5. Annelese Bain
    Phil Cunningham’s
    Andy Brown’s
  6. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  7. Shores Of Loch B
  8. Jig Runrig
  9. Swedish Hymn
    Norwegian Hymn
  10. Logan Water
  11. Flett For Flotta
    Saol Iain NicUisdhean
    The Drampire O’ Aly’s Sound
  12. Violet Tulloch, Queen Of Lerwick
  13. The Auld Fiddler
    Earl Mitten’s Breakdown
  14. Margaret’s
    Donald Maclean’s Farewell To Oban
    O’ Fairy Dance
  15. Sitting On The Stern Of A Boat

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“Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham - Another Musical Interlude” (DVD)

The last night and concert of their 2002 12th annual tour of Scotland, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness.

The DVD also includes commentary - documentary, biographies and discographies…