Ireland’s Own Traditional Accordionist

By Finbarr Dwyer

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Finbarr Dwyer

His 3rd recording for the "Outlet" label.

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Thanks for posting Kenny. I notice that on all of his albums he has a fine selection of tunes.Good stuff!

Some help with track titles

Tk. 5: The first hornpipe I know as "The Mullingar Races"
Tk. 7: It’s Paddy Kelly’s 4 part reel.
Tk. 8: Consists of two hornpipes which I have no names for. I know the Galway Hornpipe and neither of them is the version I know.
Tk. 11: It is similar to Coppers and Brass but is actually called "The Queen of the Rushes" and is indeed a seperate tune

Tune titles

Titles listed on the LP record sleeve:
"High Reel" listed as "The Gauger"
"Aggie White’s" listed as "Father Kelly’s"
Track 3 is called "Ross Favourite"
"Big John McNeill’s" is called "Betty’s Fancy"
Paddy is quite correct about the "Queen Of The Rushes" - I’ve changed the title. On the record sleeve, it is called "The Aughrim" jig.

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Track 5

The hornpipe listed as ‘Ryan’s’ on track 5 is probably better known to most as the Broadway.