Roaming Free

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By Colin MacLeod And Rory Sinclair

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  1. GlenTilt
    The Tourist
  2. Lament For Reverend Archie Beaton
    Earl Grey
    Sir Reginald MacDonald
  3. The Ale Is Dear
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
    The Reconciliation
  4. The Sweetness Of Mary
    The Famous Bridge
    The Swallowtail Coat
  5. Bonawe Highlanders
    The Wife She Brewed It
    The Left Handed Fiddler
  6. Slow Jigs: Sweet Biddy Daly(Buttermilk Mary)
    Over The Ocean(Split The Whisker)
    Mug Of Brown Ale (Paddy In London)
  7. John Roy Lyall
    Braigh Bhanbh: The Highlands Of Banffshire
    Carnie’s Canter
  8. The Seagull
  9. 79th Farewell To Gibraltar
    The Devil In The Kitchen
    The Kilt Is My Delight
  10. The Mill, Mill’O
    Niel Gow Quickstep
  11. PM Donald MacLean Of Lewis
    Farewell To The Creeks

Three comments

I have long admired the warm and forthright playing of Melbourne-based Scottish fiddler Colin MacLeod .
His playing combines his Hebridean roots with the repertoire of central and eastern Scotland
This recording with Rory MacLeod is an unadorned delight, just fiddle and guitar, with Rory taking a guitar solo on The Seagull.

Liner notes:
Rory Sinclair (guitar) and Colin MacLeod (fiddle) first found musical lilt in their native homeland of Scotland. This experience was enhanced and further shaped by periods of life spent in Germany (Rory) and South Africa (Colin) before the chance encounter at the Australian National Folk Festival in Canberra 2004. This CD covers the lovely range of good traditional Scottish fiddling (with a guitar solo from Rory on The Seagull). Great tunes, from strathspeys to reels to hornpipes and marches and a beautiful slow air John Roy Lyall Purchase directly from Colin

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I agree - this is a wonderful recording. Wonderful choice of tunes - beautifully put together into sets. Colin is one of my favorite fiddlers - such a distinctive voice - and Rory’s very tasteful backing is perfect. Rory also demonstrates his amazing fingering picking style on a couple of tunes.
The is a CD that you keep coming back to - and will have fiddle players wanting to learn some of these great tunes.

And he’s coming to Perth to do a concert this coming Thursday night - he’ll have to make do with me for accompanist this time as Rory isn’t coming.