Lake Effect

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By Liz Carroll

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  1. The Rock
    The Morning Dew
    Reeling On The Box
  2. Anlon McDinney
    Mind The Dresser
  3. The Ghost
    The Hatchlings
    The Long Bow
  4. The Jump Ball
    Whipple Hill
    How We Spent The Christmas
  5. Catherine Kelly’s
    Lake Effect
  6. The Ornery Upright
    Sass Is Back
  7. Spinning Out Of The Turn
    Tom And Martin
  8. A Day And An Age
  9. The Tractor Driver
    A Tune For The Girls
  10. Oh, Bedad!
    For The Love Of Music
  11. The Blue Friesian
    Dancing On A Sixpence
  12. Hanley’s House Of Happiness
  13. The Potato On The Door
    Mary And The Tea Bag
    Perpetual Check

Four comments

Yep, very few of the standard trad tunes on this album, but it’s definitely worth it nonetheless. She’s a great fiddler and very creative.


I think this is great