A Cheap Present

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By Birkin Tree

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  1. The Lark In A Clear Air
    Con Cassidy’s
  2. The Gander In The Pratie Hole
    The Corsair
    The Glories Of Spring
  3. A Cheap Present
    The Session Chaser
  4. Gloomy Winter
    The Early Depart
  5. Skies Thorught Leaves
    Paddy Tailor’s
    Nuala Bonnet
  6. The Teacher
    Ship In Full Sail
  7. Lonely Waterloo
    Christmas Eve
  8. Bliss In Connaught
  9. Hughie’s Cap
  10. The Galtee
  11. Seamus Egan’s
  12. Last Night’s Fun
  13. Tommy Peoples’
  14. Ashomolean House