Penny Trumpets

By Garry Walsh

  1. Mrs Sampson’s Delight
    The Lady’s Cloak
  2. Flanagan’s Penny Trumpet
    The Watery Boreen
  3. Dancing With Movita
    The Rook And The Priest
    Dry Bread And Pullit
  4. Purple Lady (song)
  5. Wet The Tea
    The Minister’s Hole
    Humours Of Lisslevane
  6. Stack The Good Leather
  7. Oileán Na NAnam (Island Of The Souls)
  8. The Sail Maker’s Wife
    Gan Ainm
  9. Willie O (song)
  10. Gan Ainm
    The Rocky Road
    Down The Twenties
  11. The Meadow In Bloom
    Mrs McGrady’s
    Griffith’s Floating Road