A Living Thing

By Various Artists

  1. Frank Quinn’s
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  2. Maggie Picken
  3. Jackie Daly: Callaghan’s
  4. Jackie Daly: The Rising Sun
    The Pope’s Toe
  5. The McPeake Family: An Durd Ainne
  6. The McPeake Family: Slieve Gallon Braes
  7. The McPeake Family: A Bucket Of The Mountain Dew
  8. John Lyons: The Blackthorn
  9. John Lyons: The May Morning Dew
  10. Tim Lyons And Festy Conlon: The Bag Of Potatoes
    Sligo Maid
  11. Tim Lyons And Festy Conlon: The Queen Of The Rushes
  12. Cathal McConnell And Robin Morton: The Irish Jubilee
  13. Tony McMahon: Bean Dubh An Ghleanna
    The Ewe
  14. Four Men And A Dog: McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
    Dinny Langton’s
    The Maids Of Mitchelstown
  15. Four Men And A Dog: The Kilfenora
    Scattery Island
  16. Frank Harte: Dunlavin Green
  17. Frank Harte And Alf Edwards: The Twangman
  18. Michael O’Brien: The Flags Of Dublin
  19. Mick Gavin: The Cow That Ate The Blanket
  20. Paddy Glackin: Jackson’s

Two comments

Very similar, same name extended reissue?

Globe Style Irish Vol 9
A Living Thing

1 Patrick Street-Walshe’s Polka, Dan Mac’s Polka, Terry Teahan’s Polka = Newmarket Polkas 3:37
2 Patrick Street-Frank Quinn’s Reel, Lad O’Beirne’s, Murphy’s Reel 4:07
3 Len Graham-Maggie Pickens 1:49
4 Daly Jackie-Callaghan’s Hornpipe 2:20
5 Daly Jackie-Rising Sun,Pope’s Toe 2:40
6 McPeake Family-An Durd Ainne 2:14
7 McPeake Family-Slieve Gallon Brae 2:16
8 McPeake Family-Bucket of the Mountain Dew 2:00
9 John Lyons-Blackthorn 1:21
10 John Lyons-May Morning Dew 2:17
11 Festy Conlon, Tim Lyons-Bag of Potatoes, Sligo Maid reels 2:23
12 Festy Conlon, Tim Lyons-Queen of the Rushes 1:40
13 Cathal McConnell, Robin Morton-Irish Jubilee 5:23
14 Tony McMahon-Bean Dubh an Ghleanna, Wew 4:50
15 Four Men & a Dog-McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, Dinny Langtons, Maids Of Mitchelstown = McFadden’s Reels: 4:52
16 Four Men & a Dog-Kilfenora Jig, Skattery Island = Kilfenora Sexy Jig 3:20
17 Frank Harte-Dunlavin Green 3:47
18 Frank Harte, Edwards, Alf-Twang Man 2:58
19 Michael O’Brien-Flags of Dublin, Dublin Reel 2:24
20 Mick Gavin-Cow That Ate the Blanket 1:31
21 Paddy GlackinJackson’s, Dublin Reel 2:19
22 Irish Country Four-Granemore Hare 2:10
23 Joe Holmes, Len Graham-Girl That Broke My Heart 2:34
24 Joe Holmes, Len Graham-Parting Glass 1:45
25 Willie Johnson, CathalMcConnell-Any Kerrin’s, McHugh’s Reel, Primrose Road 3:08
26 Ron Kavana-Reconciliation 2:21
27 Ron Kavana-Fermoy Regatta, Tom’s Tavern 4:37

Nope, not a reissue at all.

Apart from listing virtually every track name incorrectly (by including the musicians), the OP clearly ran out of steam by track 21. Your listing is correct, Nick, for the original album.