Through And Through

By Spiers And Boden

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  1. Rambling Sailor
  2. The Rochdale Coconut Dance
  3. Earl Richard
  4. The Quaker
    Brighton Camp
  5. Oswestry Wake
    Morgan Rattler
  6. Golden Glove
  7. Red Kites
  8. Boston Harbour
  9. The Shropshire Rounds
    Rusty Gully
    The Three-Footed Chestnut
  10. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  11. Three Around Three
  12. Down The Moor
  13. The Gooseberry Bush
    Laudanum Bunches
  14. Banks Of Green Willow

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The Duo’s 2001 Debut Album

Jon Boden— Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar
John Spiers— Vocals, Melodeon, Concertina