Forgotten Gems

By Peter Carberry, Padraig McGovern

Five comments

This CD is a Gem that won’t be forgotten for a long long while.

I first heard these wonderful musicians on a clip some time ago and thought it was wonderful. A perfect blend of instruments. Pure, joyous melody from two musicians at the top of their form. The tunes are uncommon (to my ears) and the settings of the tunes that I do know are unique to them. The recording is uncluttered, crystal clear and perfect. No guitar, bouzouki or bodhran is necessary or wanted. The bass on the accordion is in perfect tune with the drones and regulators of the pipes. As I was playing it now the darling cook in the kitchen asked "Who is that? It’s great! Really great!"
Here is specific information on the tunes:
Peter Carberry said in an interview: “I felt music was being diluted”, adding that it needed to be “taken back” to its roots.
From "Forgotten Gems" by Peter Carberry and Padraig McGovern will be a must have recording. It is simply outstanding music with a flow that seems in sync with your own natural rhythms, drawing you in with it sheer unadorned beauty. It is everything that traditional music should be about.

Excuse me, but there is bouzouki and bodhran on the album so get your facts right and please don’t feel the need to jump in with pre-conceived biases in the future.


Forgotten gems

A top class album of the best of traditional irish music, Padraig McGovern is surely the best current piper in ireland by far and Peter Carburrys subtle and remarkably tasteful accordion playing is a combination made in Heaven. This must surely be the best album released certainly in well over 20 years.

5 stars and if i could rate it 10 I would.


@MM— Right you are. Séamus O’Kane (Bodhrán) Brian Mooney (Bouzouki) and Sabina McGovern (Harp). So tasteful I hardly noticed.