By Lautari

  1. Si Bheag Si Mhor
    Carolan’s Concerto
  2. Whelan’s
    The Basket Of Turf
  3. Pinch Of Snuff
  4. Captain O’Kain
  5. Maggie In The Wood
    The Rakes Of Mallow
    Trip To Jerusalem
  6. Fiddle Solo
  7. Brian Boru’s March
    Rogha Liadroma
    The Kid On The Mountain
  8. John O’Connor
  9. Blue Forest
  10. The Gravel Walk
  11. The Sailor’s

One comment

Lautari (duo)

This recording comes from a duo named Lautari. They are Katharina Pesch (violin) and Paolo Di Massimo (guitar, mandolin, flute and percussions). They live in Rome. The album was recorded in 1994.