The Untamed Grasses

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By Sarah Bauhan

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  1. The Curlew
    Bird In The Tree
    Andy McGann’s
    The Curlew
  2. The Untamed Grasses
  3. Pottinger’s
    Miss Barker’s
    Miss Taylor’s
  4. She Left A Star
  5. Renn’s March
    Leaving Port Askaig
  6. Tom Morrison’s
    Roarin’ Lauren
  7. Leaf’s
  8. Horgalåten
  9. Angst
  10. Acharonich
  11. The Racoon Cap
    The Returned Yank
    Aly’s Fiddle
  12. Legere Existence
  13. Untamed Grasses-Reprise
  14. December Day