St. Kilda Wedding

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By Ossian

  1. St. Kilda Wedding
    The Honorable Mrs. Moll’s
  2. Gie Me A Lass Wi A Lump O’Land
  3. Lomramh Eadar Ll’ A’s Uist
  4. Dean Cadaian Samhach
  5. Gala Water
    Major David Manson
  6. ’S Gann Gunn Dirich Mi Chaoidh
  7. Farewell To Whisky
  8. My Love Is The Fair Lad
    The Forth Bridge
    Pretty Peg
  9. The Braes O’ Strathblane
  10. More Grog Coming
    Tilly Plump
    Da Foostra

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St kilda wedding

yep, ossian sure had something in their early days, which i think the original lineup lost as time went by. (we won’t even talk about the current group). ossian’s third (i think) album, ‘seal song,’ is mighty good, too — if you can find a copy.