Suas E!

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By Mary Jane Lamond

  1. Seinn O
  2. Dòmhnall Mac ‘ic
  3. Hi Rì Him Bò
  4. Bog A’Lochain
  5. Horo Mo Nighean Donn Bh
  6. Gormshuil Meallach

Three comments

Suas e! by Mary Jane Lamond

Debut album of well-known Cape Breton singer Mary Jane Lamond. Although the arrangement of this recording is quite modern, it doesn’t spoil the charm of the old Gaelic songs of Scottish origin. There are some awesome unaccompanied tracks, too.

I think it’s a pretty good album to know the primitive side of Celtic music: we see popular Scottish tunes such as "Jenny Dang the Weaver" and "Bog an Lochain" are originally mouth music.

Mary jane lamond

i caught her at the vancouver folk festival a couple of years back. her recordings don’t do her voice justice. and her touring band is very good.

her fiddler, wendy macisaac, has two cds of her own that are worth checking out as well.


Thank you for the info.

I’m really interested in that fiddler. Is she a relative of Ashley MacIsaac?