Dermot Byrne

By Dermot Byrne

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  1. Master Seamus
    Bunker Hill
  2. McInerney’s
  3. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Heather Breeze
  4. The Laird O’ Thrums
    The Miller O’ Hirn
    The Brown-Sailed Boat
  5. Mulhaire’s
    The Yellow Tinker
  6. Welcome Home Grainne
  7. The Broken Bridge
    Reichswall Forest
  8. The Frost Is All Over
    Wild Oats
    Óró Bog Liom Í
  9. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  10. Hardiman The Fiddler
  11. Kathleen Smith’s
    The Victoria
  12. Tico,Tico

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Dermot Byrne

Dermot is known as Altan’s box player. On this CD which was recorded in 1995 he is accompanied by Stephen Cooney (git., keyb.) Trevor Hutchinson (dbl. bass) and Donal Lunny ( bouz., git.,bodh.)
I like his relaxed, crisp playing. He also offers a lot of variety on this CD.

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4.) Highlands

1.) "Frank Cassidy’s" / "The Laird O’ Thrums"
~ highland fling / strathspey
Key signature: Amajor
Submitted on May 30th 2007 by benhall.1.

2.) "Jimmy Lyons" / "The Miller O’ Hirn"
~ highland fling / strathspey
Key signature: Amajor
Submitted on June 30th 2001 by martin t.

3.) "The Brown-Sailed Boat" / "Peter Baillie"
~ highland fling / strathspey
Key signature: E Dorian
Submitted on April 15th 2004 by jdave.

Discussion: Highlands…
# Posted on May 28th 2007 by dinn2

Track 7, the 2nd tune ‘is’ Dan R. McDonald’s reel “Reichswall Forest”

It’s not Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald’s reel setting of Neil Gow’s strathspey "Miss Erskine of Torry", which some choose to call "Winston in the 50’s"…

But, a lovely rendition of Dan R.’s reel, brilliant! Thanks for the kick Dermot…

Thanks for that kuec… It’s a lovely reel…