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  • Bras D’Or Lakes Inn

    Thursday nights—July 10 through Aug 28.

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  • Is this an open session?

    Does anyone know if this is an open session? About how many musicians usually play?

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  • Our Town Cafe

    This session happens the first Wednesday of every month starts around 7:30pm until 10ish. Mainly intermediate but newcomers are most welcomed. Session is run by Kate Semple.

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  • Sunday sessions in Houston

    The Sunday afternoon Houston session had died about 8-10 years ago, after running for some 6 or 7 years. After we were booted from the third straight pub in favor of Sunday Football, we decided to give up on the idea. But now we're back in business and ar...

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  • Yes I’m wondering too…

    Is this session still active? I'm looking for any active sessions in the Shinjuku, kichijoji, ueno, ... West Tokyo area.

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