Billy Bishop Legion

1407 Laburnum St., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Billy Bishop Legion

This session has been running for two years. It is in a quiet and relaxed venue, (at the time of the session, anyway) a funky old building decorated with military memorabilia. Royal Canadian Legions are a kind of service club, originally for veterans, and there is little or no pressure on the players to "entertain". The only rules are: don’t wear a hat (out of respect for fallen servicemen) and enter your name in the visitors’ book at the door. The bar prices are reasonable, and food is sometimes available. (Several restaurants are a block away).
The session runs from 7:00 to 10:00 pm on Sundays. Laburnum Street is off Cornwall Avenue, 5 blocks West of the Burrard St. Bridge.
The musicians tend to be somewhat laid back, and there is time for a little conversation. Everyone is encouraged to lead a tune or set, but it is not a learning situation. Practice at home!
The tone/speed is set by consensus, depending on who is present, but is typically "Intermediate". The occasional song is welcome, preferably traditional.

We are celebrating the third anniversary of the session this Sunday.

The session has been cancelled for the rest of July and August, 2011, for a wee break. Re-starting on September 4th.

Type of music

I would like to Join this sunday is there any songs i should learn before coming?

Still Running?

I came by on Sunday July 29 and was told that the session didn’t start until 8:00. So I went back at 8:30 and there was still no one there. Is the session still running?

Still Running?

Sorry, Shiloh, I neglected to post that we had closed for the summer.

The session has now been terminated due to new plans for the Legion’s programming.