The Meeting Place

Connolly St, Midleton, Cork, Ireland

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Meeting place

2-3 of us meet pretty regularly at 9pm on Tuesdays, all additions are welcome.

I should add that we are ‘devloping’ players - not quite beginners but working on building up our repertoire (which is happening slowly…)

Re: Players in East Cork

any instruments in mind?
what instruments do you have already?
do you have some regular tunes that you do?
Sorry ,this sounds like an interrogation! Not meant to be!
Best wishes,

Re: Players in East Cork

Sorry, I meant to say:
We currently have whistle, harmonica, bodhrán, guitar.
Almost any approriate instruments welcome.
See my tune list for tunes Some of these are ‘work in progress’!

Re: Players in East Cork

A kind of ‘different’ combination of instruments! I’ll come along some night,and add to that mix! Know a few more who may be interested.

Would be great to see you there, cil cre. I sent you an email too

Tues 19th

A couple of us are going to go along tomorrow night; I didn’t actually receive an email; if by any chance it’s not on tomorrow night you might let me know,thanks

Great stuff! I used the ‘send an email’ link on your profile - not sure if that works or not …


Just to say thanks for having us along last night,we enjoyed the night …despite the hasty exit!! We’ll drop by again but i’ll check with you first,thanks again from the two Eileens.

Thanks for coming, the more the merrier. Love the accordions and flute. If you click on my username and send an email I’ll reply with a mobile number. Sometimes we don’t know till teatime if we’re going or not on the night!