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  • Gan Ainm

    A cracking tune that I'd love to get the name of. The Gsharp/A chord gives it a real drive. First heard it from a piano accordian playing friend of mine who plays it for dances, having got it off a dance album which helpfully had no liner notes.

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  • Different name

    In Newton Tolman's book "Quick Tunes and Good Times", he calls this "Ladies' Walpole Reel", but that may be because there is a Walpole, New Hampshire (USA) near him. Fine tune. Glad you posted it. Tolman is an old pillar of New England Contra. There's a s...

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  • The Celtic Crane

    This is an alternative setting of a tune I learned in the early 1990's from Brendan Mulvihill. I remembered him calling it "Charlie Lennon's." Recently, I heard this setting being played by John Carty. I played the Mulvihill setting for him and he confi...

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  • The Actual name is Bogie‚Äôs Reel

    Right story (except it's Boogie, not Bogie), wrong tune. This is the tune the story is about:

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  • chords

    The second setting (by Cheakamus) has the wrong chords. It has the chords for the key of C but the tune is written in G.

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