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  • The Actual name is Bogie’s Reel

    This tune is often mislabeled as The Durrow Reel, but in fact it was composed by John Nolan, the great box player from the Bronx. He named it after the drummer in one of his previous bands, whose nickname was Bogie.

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  • Gee, minor!

    Sounds like New York City Salsa to me... :-)

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  • The Salt

    This slip-jig was used as the air for a self-composed song by Ron Kavana and he called it "Gobsheen Gombeens"

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  • hicks hornpipe recordings

    You can find it on Irish Uilleann Pipes by Jean-Yves Le Pape.

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  • Touchstone

    The Touchstone version is much better than the accordion ones, in my opinion, at least. This is the title song to their album, which is all wonderful. Find it if you can! I have heard the Westphalia Waltz a million times at old time shows, but never he...

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