Lady MacKensie Of Coul reel

Also known as Lady MacKenzie Of Coull.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lady MacKensie Of Coul
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FG |: A3B A2d2 | B2G2 G2ed | c2A2 A2Bc | defg a2FG |
A3B A2d2 | B2G2 G2d2 | cdec A2c2 |1 d4d2 FG :|2 d4d2 g2 ||
f2a2 a3a | b2g2 e3g | f2a2 d2f2 | edcB A2g2 |
f2a2 a3a | b2g2 e3g | f2a2 cdec | d4 d2g2 |
f2a2 a3a | b2g2 e3g | f2a2 d2f2 | edcB A2Bc |
d4 A3F | G2B2 E2g2 | f2ed e2dc | d4 d2 ||

Two comments

Lady MacKensie of Coul

An Eightsome Reel tune that we played at a Scottish dance workshop recently.

She must have been a popular wuman. Lady McKinzie of Coul (aka Sir George MacKenzie) is already here:

but it is obviously a different tune. (It’s called Lady McKinzie of Coul’s Reel in William Morrison’s book (1812) and Sir George MacKenzie in The Athole Collection (1884).)