Belgarth waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Belgarth
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D GA|"G"B3cB2|"D"A3 G F2|"C"EG3E|"G"D3D GA|"Am"B3A G2|"D"d2c2B2|(A6|A4)GA|
"G"B3cB2|"D"A2G2F2|"C"DG3E2|"G"D4D2|"Am"EG3c2|"D"A2G2F2|"G"(G4(G2)|"G"G3)G Bc||
"G"d4d2|"C"e4e2|"G"Bd3BA|G3G Bc|d3 Bd|"Am"e3 d cB|"D"(A6|A4) GF|
"C"EG3GE|"Em"DG3GD|"Am"C(G3G)C|"G"B,3B, GA|B3cB2|"D"AG3F2|"G"(G4"C"(G2)|"G"G6)||

One comment

Belgarth Waltz

A nice waltz which I heard at a session recently. I have checked and I don’t think it’s here already but I am sure someone will soon tell me if it is.
I was told the tune was written by Brian Ó Eadhra, of the band Anam. If so, thank you Brien, nice bit of work, well done.
The notation is as given to me by a friend, so I can take no credit for the transcription.