Up Wi Eli Eli slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Up Wi Eli Eli
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A2a e2c e2 c | A2a e2c dcB | A2a e2c e2f |1 gfg BBc dcB :|2 g3 B2c dcB ||
|:AAA cBc edB | A3 B2 c dcB | AAA cBc edB | gfg BBc dcB :|

Four comments

Up Wi Eli Eli

How one thing leads to another… I was reading comments on the tune "Low Country Dance" and knew that I had a recording of it somewhere, but by another name. Found it on Hamish Moore’s Steppin’ Out CD, in a set of slip jigs: Brose and Butter / Up Wi Eli Eli / Souter’s O’ Selkirk. The latter being the Low Country Dance. And lo and behold, I cannot find the middle tune on this site. So here it is, as best as I could transcribe it without pipe embellishments.

To transition from this tune to the Low Country Dance on the CD, Hamish plays the last two lines of Up Wi Eli Eli over again (with repeats), but with the final bar dropping a beat — 2dcB B2c — and then right on into Low Country Dance (aka Souter’s O’ Selkirk). So in effect, you have:
|: e2 A AAA edc |e2 A AAA d2 f | e2 A AAA edc |1 dcB B2c d2f :|2dcB B2c |] ~ the end of Up Wi Eli Eli into
d2B d2e c2e|B2f f2e fBB|d2B d2e c2e|A2a c2e ecA:|] ~ beginning of Low Country Dance

Great set!


Low Country Dance is not Souters o Selkirk; they are both 9/8 pipe tunes but distinct
Strains 3 & 4 of the present tune (as it appears on 26 Dec 2013) are Souters o Selkirk
Strains 5 & 6 of the present tune (as it appears on 26 Dec 2013) are a 9/8 version of Go To Berwick Johnny, more usually a 3/2


Thanks for sorting this out, Matt. Obviously I was confused!! So I pulled the CD off the shelf and read the liner notes. There are 5 tunes in this set, and I was clearly running 3 together into one! The name of the last tune in the set is "Lochaber Dance" and my guess is that that would be the Low Country Dance. Except it doesn’t sound at all like it…

So, with apologies, I have removed strains 3, 4 5 and 6 and hopefully the 1st two are correctly noted as being "Up Wi Eli Eli".

Don’t see Souters o Selkirk on TheSession - is it possibly here under another name?

And I must say that I am confused — regarding Berwick. I do know the tune ‘Go to Berwick Johnny,’ but cannot wrap my head around how Berwick (excerpt of first line of a common version pulled from TheSession pasted here):
|:d2G2 G2d2 edcB|(3dedG2 G2d2 B2g2|d2G2 G2d2 edcB|{d}c2A2 A2B2 c2e2:|

is similar to what had been Strains 5 & 6 of my original posted tune:
|:e3 edc edc | e3 edc efa | e3 edc edc | dcB B2 c d2f :|
|:e2 A AAA edc |e2 A AAA d2 f | e2 A AAA edc | dcB B2c d2f :|

The CD notes give a second name in gaelic, followed by "(slip jig)" - so perhaps it is one of those tunes with multiple names and versions, and I’ve simply not heard or seen this version… Scratching my head…

Up Wi Eli Eli

You’re quite right, piprgrl - the "Go to Berwick Johnny" on that recording does not sound like the one I know either. It does, however, resemble a tune called "The Poltogue Jigg" (John Pringle’s Collection, 1801):

e3 edc edc | e3 edc fga | e3 edc edc | fga gfe fga :|

(transposed from C for comparison).