An Buinnean Bui barndance

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X: 1
T: An Buinnean Bui
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
ed || c4 G2 E2 | F4 E3F | G6 AB | c6 E2 | G4 E2 D2 | C4-CDED | C2 C6 | C4 e3d |
c4 G3E | F4 E3F | G4-GABG | c6 E2 | G6 E2 | C4-CDED | C6 C2 | C6 G2 ||
G6 AB | c6 d2 | e6-ef | e6- ed | c6-cB | G6-GA | G6 G2 | G6 ed |
c4 G2 E2 | F4 E2 F2 | G6 AB | c4 E3F | G6 E2 | C4-CDED | C2 C6 | C4 e3d ||
c4 G2 E2 | F4 E2 F2 | G4 A2 B2 | c6 E2 | G4 E2 D2 | C2-CD E2-ED | C4 C3B, | C4 e3d |
c4 G2 E2 | F4 E2 F2 | G4 A2 B2 | c6 E2 | G4 E2 D2 | C2-CD E2-ED | C6-CB, | C6 E2 |
G6 AB | c6 d2 | e6 f2 | e6 d2 | c6 B2 | G6-GF | G8- | G6 ed |
c4 G2 E2 | F4 E2 F2 | G4 A2 B2 | c6 EF | G4 E2 D2 | C2-CD E2-ED | C4 C2B,2 | C6 ||
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An Buinnean Bui

Transcribed by myself from the CD "Water from the Well" by the Chieftains. Track 13.
I’m sure the label ‘barndance’ will be ignored. It is a slow air. Derek Bell opens on harp. His playing slow a little in bar 24 & 27/28 with a ralentando in bars 31/32. Paddy Malone joins in with bar 33 and slows the pace down a fair bit. There are rals in bars 36, 39/40, 44 & 48. A considerable ralentando in bars 54 to 56. Ral in bar 60 and of course at the end, bars 63/64.

Not knowing the English meaning for the title I consulted ‘ Translator’ and it gives ‘The Yellow Sapling’. The CD gives the title as "the Yellow Bittern" The dictionary gives the Irish as "Bunan Bui"
Can anyone clarify the situation?

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An Buinnean Bui

Hi, I know the song, an buinnean bui, a great old sean nos song (joe heaney sings it, among others surely), and it talks about a poet finding a bird dead by a frozen lake, and vowing to never give up the drink lest he meet the same fate. There’s a well-known English-language version, maybe translated by Lady Gregory, called as you say The Yellow Bittern. The bittern is a nice bird that used to migrate to Ireland, but had disappeared for a good few years. It was seen again a year or two ago, as I read in the paper. Al O Donnell, Sean Cannon and Liam Clancy all have versions. It really is an amazing song in the Irish though, and the English translation does it no great justice, I advise you to check out a direct translation of the Irish.
All the best,

Thanks Brian for that enlightenment. I look forward to seeing a translation.

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