The Boys Of Ballinlough hornpipe

Also known as Boys Of Ballinlough.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Boys Of Ballinlough
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
GF |: "Em"EF GA BA GF | EF GA B2 "D"FE | DE FG AB AG | "D"F2 D2 D2 "Em"GF |
"Em"EF GA BA GF | EF GA "G"B2 GA | B2 GB "D"(3ABA FA |1 G2 E2 E2 GF :|2 G2 E2 E2 Bd ||
|: "Em"ef ed Be dB | "D"AB AG FG Ac | "Em"BE ED EF G2 | "D"FG FE D2 Bd | ef ed Be dB |
"D"AB AG FG Ac | "G"BA GB "D"AG FA |1 G2 (3EGE E2 Bd :|2 G2 (3EGE E2 ||

Four comments

Unknown Concertina Tune

I hear another Session member playing this on the concertina at the Sunday Four Green Fields session in Tampa, FL. It sounds like a hornpipe but, unfortunately, what is here is the only way I was able to score the tune.

I’d be grateful if someone can name the tune. One of the hooks sounds like King Of The Faeries but the remainder of the tune does not.


This would work very nicely with "The Rights of Man"; always nice to find a hornpipe in a minor key.

The Name of The Tune Is Boys of Ballinlough

Thanks to the kind gentleman who plays the tune, its name is: Boys of Ballinlough