The Wild Geese waltz

Also known as The Wild Geese (air).

There are 17 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Tom Ward’s Downfall (a few times).

The Wild Geese has been added to 8 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Wild Geese
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
"_vb"(A3/2B/2)|c2(c/4B/4A3/2) (A/4B/4c3/2)|B2(c/2B/2A/2F/2) E2|F2A2(A3/2B/2)|A4(B3/2c/2)|
d2d2(d/4c/4B3/2)|c2c2(c/4B/4A3/2)|(B3/2c/2) (.d.c.B.A)|F4(A3/2B/2)|
c2(c/4B/4A3/2) (A/4B/4c3/2)|B2(c/2B/2A/2F/2) E2|(#~F3/2G/2)(A3/2B/2c3/2B/2)|A4"_pp"(A3/2B/2)|
"_p"(d3/2c/2B3/2c/2d3/2B/2)|({d}c3/2B/2A3/2B/2c3/2A/2)|B3/2c/2 .d.c.B.A|F4"_pp"A3/2B/2|
({d}c3/2B/2A3/2B/2c3/2A/2)|({c}B3/2A/2F3/2A/2B3/2F/2)|({B}A3/2F/2E3/2F/2A3/2B/2)|A7/2f/2 ({ef}e3/2c/2)|
"_ff"(A7/2"^Chorus."f/2) ({ef}e3/2c/2)|(A7/2f/2) ({ef}e3/2c/2)|(d2d'3/2f/2 e3/2c/2)|(d2d'3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2d/2)|
(c2c'3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2d/2)|(c2c'3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2c/2)|(B2b3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2c/2)|(B2b3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2c/2)|
(d2d'3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2d/2)|(c2c'3/2f/2 {ef}e3/2c/2)|(B2b3/2d/2 {cd}c3/2A/2)|F4"_pp"(A3/2B/2)|
c2(c/4B/4A3/2) (A/4B/4c3/2)|B2(c/2B/2A/2F/2) E2|F3/2G/2A3/2c/2B3/2c/2|A2"^H"A2|]

Two comments

The Wild Geese

This is an air, not a waltz. Also, I probably have the mode listed wrong. Sorry, but ‘three sharps’ is the level I am currently operating on. If you know, please correct the entry.

I heard the tune for the first time in this video for a book launch, where a beautiful version is given around the 24 minute mark. I realized that I don’t have any airs yet, and decided that this one would make a great first victim.

This is the version given in O’Neill’s.