Beauties Of The Ballroom jig

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X: 1
T: Beauties Of The Ballroom
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
efe edc | BcA ^G2E | ABc dBG |[1 A3 Acd :| [2 A3 A2 ||
B | c2c' c'ba | gea g2e | cBc age | dec B2G | cBc dcd |
edc BAG | Afe dcB |[1 A3 A2 :|[2 A3 a3 ||
A,B,A, A,B,D | E3 G3 | G,B,G, G,2B, | D3 E3 | A,B,A, A,B,D |
E3 A3 | G/F/ED G2B, |[1 A,3 A3 :|[2 A,3 A,3 ||

One comment

Beauties Of The Ballroom

Inspired by a video posted by "weejie" on the Buddy McMaster commemoration thread over in discussions, in which; 01:52mins in Buddy plays the "beauties", although it’s talked all over.

A fiddler I dueted with back in the day was fond of playing this, so it was I found myself noodling away at it last night trying to resurrect it from memory and put the ear-worm to bed, had to reach for the dots as I don’t have a recording and the memory isn’t what it once was, so easier to lift the book than turn on the computer. Found the book open at the page this morning and thought I should type it up.

Source then is from Jerry Holland’s tune book and the tune is marked as "Traditional".

NB: 7th bar of the 3rd part the music shows | GFED G2B, | where the 1st 4 notes are grouped and have a "4" over it, so I assume thats 4 notes in the time of 3, I did try it as | (4GFED G2B, | but find the G/F/ED sounds better to my ear, if anyone has a better idea of how to represent that in abc I’d be grateful.

Well done Buddy, many thanks and sleep easy.