Nineteen recordings of a tune named
Ffidl Ffadl

Also known as Ffidl-ffadl, Fiddle Faddle, Fidl Fadl, Fidle Faddle, Fidle Fadle, Lasses Gar Your Tails Toddle, Lasses Gar Your Tails Todle, Lasses Make Your Tails Toddle, Lasses Make Your Tails Todle, Little Wot Ye Wha’s Coming, Tail Toddle, The Tail Toddle, Tail Todle, Tail Toodle, Tail Tottle, Tails Toddle.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Sleepy Maggie (a few times), A.A. Cameron’s, The Ale Is Dear, The Canongate Twitch, The Curlew, The Devil In The Kitchen, Donella Beaton, The Irish Washerwoman, Jenny Dang The Weaver, Jock Wilson’s Ball, Lieutenant Maguire’s, Miss Girdle, Mogi Laddyr.

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  5. Heepirumbo by Eilidh Shaw
  6. Henffych Well by Cilmeri
  7. Keep It Up by Keep It Up
  8. Marching Out Of Time by The Fifes And Drums Of Colonial Williamsburg
  9. Pole Star by The Famous Five
  10. Portrait Of A Scottish Jew’s Harp Player by Lindsay Porteous
  11. Return To Kintail by Alasdair Fraser With Tony McManus
  12. Sae Will We Yet by Tony Cuffe
  13. Scwîsbocs by Neil Browning
  14. Stepping On The Bridge by Hamish Moore
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  16. The Gathering by Various Artists
  17. The Wishing Stone by Face The West
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