Carolan’s Dream barndance

Also known as Molly MacA Lpin, Molly McAlpin, O Carolan’s Dream, O’Carolan’s Dream.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Carolan's Dream
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|: AB |"Am" c2 B>A A2 GA | c2 B>A "G"G2 cd | "C"e2 de dcBA | "F"A4 A2 de|
"Dm" f2 fg "C"e2 ef | "G"d^cde "F"a3 g | "Am"aged "G"dcAG | "Am"A6 :|
|: ef | "C"gede g3 a | "Em"gede g3 e | "Am"agab "G"ageg | "F"a6 ag |
"Dm"f2 fg "C"e2 ef | "G"d^cde "F"a3 g | "Am"aged "G"dcAG | "Am"A6 :|
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X: 2
T: Carolan's Dream
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: EF |"Em" G2 F>E E2 DE | G2 F>E "D"D2 GA | "G,"B2 AB AGFE | "C"E4 E2 AB|
"A,m" c2 cd "G,"B2 Bc | "D"A^GAB "C"e3 d | "Em"edBA "D"AGED | "Em"E6 :|
|: Bc | "G,"dBAB d3 e | "B,m"dBAB d3 B | "Em"edef "D"edBd | "C"e6 ed |
"A,m"c2 cd "G,"B2 Bc | "D"A^GAB "C"e3 d | "Em"edBA "D"AGED | "Em"E6 :|
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Six comments

Not a barndance, of course, but an O’Carolan tune!

I only have this as sheet music I got from a fellow musician; don’t know where he got it from.
I added the chords because the F major chord in the forth bar is absolutely beautiful.
I love this tune, maybe one reason being that it is one of O’Carolan’s tunes that isn’t played too often. And in my mind, it is one of the most haunting and yearning tunes of his. We play it pretty slow, probably 60 = 1/4.

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Carolan’s Dream

In researching this tune for a recording I was making I read that this tune is credited to a man by the name of William Connellan who named it "Molly MacAlpin". It evidently was one of Carolan’s favorite melodies. He reportedly said that he would rather have written this tune than any of his own. For what it’s worth …

O’Carolan gets the credit for this one, but its a harp piece composed by William Connellan- Irish harper who lived in Scotland and this tune became part of the Scottish harp repetoire.

Is this really a barn dance? It’s one of the most beautiful tunes ever! Slow air or march for me.

E min Version

This beautiful air of O’Carolans’ sounds lovely in this key.

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Wonder if Led Zeppelin liked this song…

The first line is very reminiscent of Stairway to Heaven