Thirty-seven recordings of a tune named
The Foggy Dew

Also known as An T-Óglach, The Foggy Dew March, When I Was Young And In My Prime.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Blacksmith’s, The Centenary, The Drops Of Brandy, Firefly.

  1. 40 Years Reunion by The Dubliners
  2. À L’Olympia by Alan Stivell
  3. Anarchy And Rapture by Annwn
  4. Augusta: 20 Years Of Irish Music Recorded Live At The Augusta Heritage Center by Various Artists
  5. Bach To Ireland by Vivian Minden And Julia Shaw
  6. Barefoot On The Altar by Chulrua
  7. Cathal McConnell Teaches Irish Pennywhistle by Cathal McConnell
  8. Celtic Harp III: Secret Isles by Patrick Ball
  9. Cuig by Blackbeers
  10. Danu by Danu
  11. Finnegan Wakes by The Dubliners
  12. Flight 2 by Wild Geese
  13. Folk Road by Folk Road
  14. Irish Pennywhistle Taught By Cathal McConnell by Cathal McConnell
  15. Irish Pennywhistle Taught By Cathal McConnell by Cathal McConnell
  16. Less Travelled by Woad
  17. Mind The Gap by Spriggan
  18. Mist And Stone by Maggie Sansone
  19. Music For Whistle And Guitar by Cormac Breatnach And Martin Dunlea
  20. Na Fili 3 by Na Fili
  21. O’Korrigan by Micamac
  22. Off To Dublin With The Liverpool Ceili Band by The Liverpool Ceili Band
  23. Passing Time by Mary And Jim Coogan
  24. Pawn To King Four by Queen’s Gambit
  25. Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection by Various Artists
  26. Rockhill by Beltaine
  27. Saint Bushmill’s Choir by Saint Bushmill’s Choir
  28. Tarbolten by The Feekers
  29. The Long Black Veil by The Chieftains
  30. The Meeting by Sharon Carroll And Cherith Boyle
  31. The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1 by John McKenna
  32. The Night Visit by Na Fianna
  33. The Open Door by Sean Nua
  34. The Solid Gold Collection CD1 by The Dubliners
  35. The Unseen Dance by Evergreen
  36. The Wide World Over by The Chieftains
  37. Year Of The Dog by Culann’s Hounds