Mulineria De Santalla D’Ozcos jig

Also known as Muineira De Santalla D’Ozcos, Mulineira De Santalla D’Ozcos.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mulineria De Santalla D'Ozcos
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g|: afg fed| f2 e A3| efg efg| a3 abg|
afg fed| f2 e A3| efg ecA|1 d2 d dfg:|2 d2 D DFA||
dcd gce| d2 A Bcd| AGF EDE| G2 E DFA|
dcd gce| d3 dcB| A2 F G2 E| D3 DFA|
dcd gce| d2 d ecA| F3 EDE| G2 E DFA|
dcd gce| d3 dcB| A2 F G2 E| D2 d dfg|
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This is my first ABC ever so if it’s hard to understand I’m sorry (it makes sense in my head heh…)
This jig is from Flook:Rubai and its really fun to play, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but the more ornamentation you can cram in the better IMO.

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wait a tick, why isn’t in sheet music too?

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Simma down…

If you look at the submission form you’ll see that it takes up to 24 hours. Jeremy isn’t awake 24-hours a day, (sleeping right now most likely,) but as soon as he joins cyber-space I’m sure he’ll make it so.

oh, I get it thanks for the help.

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This seems more like a Spanish jota rather than an irish jig, does any one know any more aboutits origins?


It’s definitely a Spanish tune (my dad is a Spanish professor) but it’s on the Flook album so I thought I’d submit it. It’s also the only tune I’ve learned by ear (sadly, but I’m working on that).

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Spanish Tune

If you want to go really Spanish, try playing it in 3/4 rather than 6/8. Split the quaver runsintoduplets and play it as a very fast flowing onetothe bar The occasionalcrotchet/quaver crotchet/quaver bars comeover as a pleasant syncopation.The wholethings sounds Spanish andcaould be used for flowing waltz type dances. I suspect thisis closer to theoriginal than the jig time version that Flook recorded.

It’s an asturian jig (thus 6/8 time) and you can find it played by the great asturian band Felpeyu in their second Cd: Tierra. Great Music, great band and great land. You have to listen to more asturian music; it worths.

Asturian Music

I Agree completly with Gontzo ( que pasa, chaval!), and if you want to find ‘some’ Asturian tunes, try this site:

In asturian, spanish & english… there are almost 900 tunes in ABC, and some of you will notice that a muineira or mulineira is, indeed, an asturian jig. There are too jotas in 3/4 time, ‘saltones’ (in 4/4 time, a sort of asturian reel) and a lot of songs with lyrics…

I hope you enjoy it…

Thanks for posting this link Fernandito, I shall definitely be using it to increase my repertoire. Asturian music is class, esp. Tejedor.

For my taste, Tejedor is the best piper nowadays in Asturias. There are such great pipers, like Xuacu Amieva, and great bands like Felpeyu or Llan de Cubel - there are called sometimes ‘Tannahill de Cubel’ -, but I like very much the treatment that Tejedor gives to traditional dance tunes & songs.
In my opinion, the main problem with contemporary asturian bands is that they tend to imitate, conciounsly or not, the Llan de Cubel sound. Althought they are, for me, the greatest band playing this music today, sometimes I miss new ideas…
I’m happy about more knowledge of Asturian & galician music throughout bands like Lunasa or Flook, but remember that their version is, more or less, like the one that a spanish make of an Irish tune… XDD
Thanks for your post and your interest, Conán

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About the rythm

Not only 3/4 in Spanish! Also 6/8 appears in asturian, galician and even castillian tunes.
This is a Mulineira (the same than a Muñeira) and its genre has a lot to do with jigs. (they aren´t the same, but in fact are similar)

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Very nicely transcribed, thanks!