The Gander In The Pratie Hole jig

Also known as An Gandal Ag Poll Na Bpratai, Friar’s, The Friar’s, The Friar’s, The Gander At The Pit Of Spuds, The Gander At The Prataí Hole, Gander At The Pratie Hole, The Gander At The Pratie Hole, The Gander At The Prattie Hole, Gander In The Pratie Hole, He Gandor, The Monk, The Prátaí Fryer’s.

There are 46 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Queen Of The Rushes (a few times), Sixpenny Money (a few times), Coppers And Brass (a few times).

The Gander In The Pratie Hole has been added to 351 tunebooks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Gander In The Pratie Hole
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FAD FAD|GFG Efg|fed ecA|GED {G} D2 z:||
Add {e} ded|^cAB cAG|Add {e} ded|^cAB c2 B|
Add {e} ded|^cAB cde|fed ecA|GED {G} D2 z:||
X: 2
T: The Gander In The Pratie Hole
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FAD F2 A | GFG E2 g | fed ecA | GED D2 :|
Add ded | cAB cAG | Ad/c/d ded | cAB c2 B |
Add ded | cAB cde | fed ecA | GED D2 :|
~ | fed e^cA | GED D2 :|

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Interesting… I learned this as the Gander About the Pratie Hole, and with c naturals throughout the second part.

Is this the correct key sig?

This tune is in O’Neills in the key of G (only f’s are sharp). It’s also how it was recorded by Planxty. I’m wondering if this was posted in error?

Explanation of key signature

I think I’ve figured what’s going on here. Ketida, by "G" I think you probably mean Dmix. This tune can be written in either key signature, Dmaj or Dmix. If you write it in Dmix (1#), the last C of the first part has to have a # accidental. If you write it in Dmaj (2#’s), the C’s in bars 2, 4 and 6 of the 2nd part need to have a natural accidental (thereby leaving the last C as sharp). Since the person posting this has chosen to do the latter, the 2nd part requires accidentals, but the sharp sign (^) has (accidentally) been written instead of the natural (_). This *must* be a mistake because if the transcriber had meant these to be C#’s they would have simply been catered for by the key signature. Incidentally, I’ve heard that gander as being "in", "about" and "at". Gets everywhere :-)

Variations for Uilleann Pipes

I learned that tune from Brain Gallagher in Milltown some years ago.
It’s a great tune to exercice crans and triplets.
Replace the first /fifth bar | FAD FAD| with
|(3 FGA D (3FGA D| (very tight fingering =Staccato)
or with a cran
|(3DDD D (3DDD D| (shows main Rythm)
|{DFDGDAD} {DFDGDAD} | (shows all the notes played)
In fact the fingers movement is the same, but the second sample is off knee.
But the rythm of the finger movements is different, in the first variation the the F,G and A has to be open much longertahn in the second variation.

Keep cranning

Whats next?

i heard this tune in a session in clare not long ago and after it came another which i had never heard before but very much liked. what tunes do people like putting after the prattie hole??

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A jig in E dorian would sound nice perhaps.

Langstroms Pony, The Ships in Full Sail, Out on the Ocean - all jigs so far. I think I used to play a reel after it - can’t remember what it was though - will think about it for a while and get back to you.

Nice to be reminded this tune even existed though!!

Oh aye - Walls of Liscaroll would also work

“The Gander in the Pratie Hole” ~ D Mixolydian

K: D Mixolydian (~ because it just doesn’t sound ‘Major’ to me…)
|: E |
FAD F2 A | GFG E2 g | fed ecA | GED D2 :|
|: B |
Add ded | cAB cAG | Ad/c/d ded | cAB c2 B |
Add ded | cAB cde | fed ecA | GED D2 :|

You could play the penultimate measure of each part with a c#:
~ | fed e^cA | GED D2 :|

“Roast Gander And Tatties” 6/8 ~ evolution or mutation? 8-)

Key signature: e minor
Submitted on February 1st 2007 by ceolachan.

They make a fun set together…

"Pratie" hole? I thought this was a typo for "Prairie"… What’s the story behind this tune?

What is (or was) a Pratie Hole?

"Pratie" is Irish-English for potato. Maybe a pratie-hole is a clamp out in the open, or an alcove indoors where potatoes were stored - but I don’t know, not being an expert in rural Irish domestic arrangements back in the long-ago, when Planxty were playing this tune or even before.


Pratie is more than just hiberno-english, It is the irish for potatoes, being ‘prataí’

Gander in the Pratie Hole

It follows Coppers and Brass on track 1 of Dick Gaughan’s masterly guitar record. Does anyone know of the story behind it? Sounds like a pipe tune to me. Where is it in O’Neill?

Ya ever see that game Whack A Mole? It’s like that, but with geese and ‘tater holes.

Gander in the Pratie Hole

I have always followed this tune with"The Cook in the Kitchen". That’s how I first heard it. Was in on a Planxty record?

Planxty never recorded The Cook in the Kitchen. They did a set with this tune along with The Hare in the Corn leading into The Frost is All Over leading into this one.


The C’s in the second part certainly should be natural.