The Bob Of Fettercairn reel

Also known as Bob O’ Fettercairn, The Bob O’ Fettercairn, Bob Of Fettercairn, The Braw Lads O’ Jethart, The Braw Lads Of Jedburgh, Kail And Knockit Corn, Newburn Lads, The Newburn Lads.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bob Of Fettercairn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dBGB dBGB|dBdg f2df|e^cAc ecAc|edef gage|
dBGB dBGB|dBdg f2df|afge fdgB|(3AAA Bd e2eg:|
|:dgBg dgBg|dgBg f2df|ea^ca eaca|edef gage|
dgBg dgBg|dgBg f2df|afge fdgB|(3AAA Bd e2eg:|

Three comments

The Bob Of Fettercairn

A very old Scottish reel which dates back to the 1700s or possibly earlier. It sometimes gets played as a 4-part strathspey. For this strathspey version and other reel versions do a search for "fettercairn" or "fattercairn" at JC’s tunefinder. Not sure if "Bob" is a person’s name or Scottish dialect for a patch of grass or corn. The defintite article in the title featured in most sources suggests the latter. I find this tune interesting because of its C#s. It’s a GHB/border pipe tune, so it’s based on the 9-note scale of G-A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G-A. This makes the tune G lydian and not G major. Some sources have C naturals so if the C#s really offend you then play them natural. C#s like this sometimes appear in Gmaj tunes. Off the top of my head, some versions of the New Copperplate, Derry Craig Wood and Ed Reavy’s Letterkenny Blacksmith, all here on the database.

They play a version of this in Shetland - with the C#s. I think they call it Kail and Knockit Corn.

Kail & Knockit Corn

A recording of K & KC can be found on an LP recorded in Lerwick Town Hall, Shetland on the Leader label by Da Forty Fiddlers in 1971. This beautiful archive also contains recordings of The Cullivoe Players, Willie Barcley Henderson, John Henderson, Tom Anderson & Aly Bain.

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