Papichon barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Papichon
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
edcB A2AA-|ABAG F3E|FGAc BAGA|Bcdg edfd|
edcB A2AA-|ABAG F3E|FGAc BAGA|1BcBc A2ee:|2BcBc A3G||
|:FGAc B2AB|GABd c3B|ABce fedc|Bcdg ecAG|
FGAc B2AB|GABd gfed|fedc BAGA|1BcBc A3G:|2BcBc A2ee|]

Eight comments


This is a tune composed by a good friend of mine, Stephan "Stoney" Steiner. It really is a "Scottische", not a barndance.

To be or not to be ~

It might be a good idea to get very familiar with the form ~ dance and music (schottische / barndance / German / etc.) before whipping up a tune and slapping that tag on it… As this stands, as a ‘schottische’ or other closely relevant form, it doesn’t swing well that way, and it would take some work to make it so. It isn’t just about 32 bars and 4/4… As ‘something else’, well, maybe… :-/


Sorry but by NO means can this be disguised as a schottische.
However wrote this (a grand tune) must have been listening to some Breton music beforehand.


I see the light! ~ However, the Bretons do play and dance to some damn nice schottisches themselves…

Well, if the composer sees it as a schottische I have no intention of correcting him - even if the tune might "work better" in another tempo, dance feel or whatever.