Forty-two recordings of a tune named
Beare Island

Also known as Bare Island, Barra Island, Bear Island, Beara Island, The Beara Island, Beare Haven, The Beare Island, The Bearhaven Lassies, Bere Island, The Berehaven Lassies, The Bheara, B�ara, Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy, Finbarr Dwyer’s Fancy, R’il Bheara, Ril Bheara, Ril Bhearra.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Finbarr Dwyer’s (a few times), John Brennan’s (a few times), Maudabawn Chapel (a few times), Rice’s Flute (a few times), Ask My Father, The Boys Of Malin, Castle Kelly, The Dancing Bear, The Doon, Dowd’s Favourite, Dr. Gilbert’s, Drowsy Maggie, Eileen Curran, Farewell To Erin, Finbar Dwyer’s, Fleur De Mandragore, The Galway, George White’s Favorite, The Glen Of Aherlow, The Green Fields Of Glentown, The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven, Imelda Roland’s, Johnny Harling’s, The Kylebrack Rambler, The Lad From Orkney, The Laurel Tree, The Man Of The House, Martin Wynne’s, Morse Avenue, Muriel’s, My Love Is In America, Paddy Fahy’s, Paddy Mac’s, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Speed The Plough, The Steampacket, The Trip To Durrow, The Woman Of The House.

  1. Accordion Music From The Soul by Finbarr Dwyer
  2. Against The Storm by Johnny Cunningham And Phil Cunningham
  3. All In A Day’s Play by Conor Moriarty
  4. Art Of Trio by Luke Daniels
  5. Celtic Cafe by Karen Ashbrook And Paul Oorts
  6. Chasing Sparks by Jeremy Kittel
  7. Cora Smyth And Breda Smyth by Cora Smyth And Breda Smyth
  8. Different Game by Lissa Schneckenburger
  9. Hungry Grass by Hungry Grass
  10. In Good Company - The Very Best Of by Kevin Burke
  11. Irish and Continental Accordion by Finbarr Dwyer
  12. Irish Piping, Flutes And Whistles by Various Artists
  13. Kevin Burke In Concert by Kevin Burke
  14. Light Through The Leaves by Various Artists
  15. Live Recordings From The William Kennedy Piping Festival by Various Artists
  16. Making Time by Liz Knowles
  17. Mapless Journey by Kathy Buys
  18. Natural Progression by Sam Proctor
  19. Nine Fine Irishmen’s Sin E Ri-Ra by Sin E Ri-Ra
  20. Out Of The Blue by Alan Kelly
  21. Portland by Kevin Burke And Mícheál O’Domhnaill
  22. Pride Of New York by Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan
  23. Selkie by Mick Conneely
  24. Step Into The Beat: Modern Irish Dance Music by Ellery Klein And Ryan Lacey
  25. Streaming Tunes by Harmony Glen
  26. Suite by Kevin Burke And Cal Scott
  27. Sunday Night by Robert Chalmers And Friends
  28. Sundry by Shane Cook
  29. The Bunch Of Keys - Traditional Irish Music Played On The Piano Accordion by Various Artists
  30. The Celts Play Connecticut by Various Artists
  31. The Reel Years 1973 - 1983 by The Fureys And Davey Arthur
  32. The Traditional Album by The Barra MacNeils
  33. Traditional Irish Music From Boston by The Magic Square
  34. Tuned In by Johnny Murphy
  35. Tunnel Vision by Christel Rice
  36. Up Against The Flatirons by Eliot Grasso
  37. Up In The Air by Jonny Hardie And Gavin Marwick With Davy Cattanach
  38. Upslide by John McGann
  39. Waiting for the Snow by Nor’easter
  40. Wake by Finnegan’s AWake
  41. Wet Your Whistle by Wet Your Whistle
  42. Wild And Beautiful by Silly Wizard