Dillon’s reel

Also known as Belharbor, The Belharbor, Belharbour, The Belharbour, Bell Harbor, The Bell Harbor, Bell Harbour, The Bell Harbour, Bellharbor, The Bellharbor, Bellharbour, The Bellharbour, Fisherman’s Farewell, The Fisherman’s Farewell, Fisherman’s Return, The Fisherman’s Return, Over The Bridge, Paddy Reynold’s, Reynold’s, Sailor’s Farewell, The Sailor’s Farewell, Sailor’s Return, The Sailor’s Return.

There are 57 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Ivy Leaf (a few times), Marion Egan’s (a few times), Mulqueen’s (a few times), The Torn Jacket (a few times).

Dillon's has been added to 48 tunebooks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Dillon's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:E|DG G2 DGBd|g2dg egdB|A2 AG AcBA|GBAF GFEG|
DG G2 DGB/2c/2d|gedB eBdB|GAB/2c/2d gedc|B/2c/2dAF G3:|
|:e|dggf gGB/2c/2d|gbaf gfed|eaag a2ag|eaag edBc|
dggf g2 B/2c/2d|g2 af gedB|GAB/2c/2d gedc|B/2c/2dAF G3:|
X: 2
T: Dillon's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DGGD ~G3A|(3Bcd gd egdc|BDGB DGBG|A2AB AGEG|
DGGD ~G3z|Bdgd (3efg dc|(3Bcd ed g2ed| g2ed BGGz
|:gd~d2 ed (3Bcd|gbaf gfef|g~d3 edBG|FGAB cdef|
g2fa gdBd|gbaf gfed|(3Bcd ed g2ed | g2ed BG3

Nine comments


I learned this tune from Marcus Hearnon some years ago when he lived in London. If you’re a flute player and you haven’t heard this man play, check him out. This tune appears on the first track of a new album by called Rabharta with Marcus, brother P.J (accordian) and Don Stiffe (guitar,vovals) calling themselves Feenish". I think he may also have recorded the tune on an earlier album with Carl Hession.
This tune also appears on Kevin Crawford’s "d flute album" as "Dillon’s Fancy".

Spelling erra

Hernon is the correct spelling.

Michael Clarkson

On Belfast flute player Michael clarkson’s CD, The Far Set, this tune appears as The Bellharbour Reel. I notice, however, that there is already a different tune with that name in The Session archives, so Mr. Clarkson may have made an error.

Title confusion

This tune appears in Geraldine Cotter’s tin whistle book under the title "The Bell Harbour".
The tune entitled "The Belharbour" in these archives is the same tune. (I suspect that the correct spelling should be Bellharbour as this is a town in Co, Clare,)
The tune entitled "The Bell Harbour" also in the Session Archives is a different tune altogether. There is another title for this tune archived in the recesses of my memory, unfortunately offline at present!

Not Dillon’s Fancy

I’m not finding faults of anybody’s posts, but I accidentally find a mistake in this post. I hope it will be helpful for some people.

Milesnagopaleen wrote this tune is on Kevin Crawford’s solo album as "Dillon’s Fancy", but actually it is what he recorded as Fisherman’s Farewell. Of course, Kevin might be wrong, but the point is that this is not what he plays as Dillon’s Fancy.

Well, I’m not an evil archivist, as you might think. Actually I was just looking at the pages of the tunes I need to learn. This tune was also recorded by another popular flute player Paul McGrattan, and Marcus Hernon also plays it according to Mile. (Unfortunately I’ve never heard him playing, but I know he’s a quite renowned player.) So inevitably I’m tempted to play it on the flute!

The problem is this tune has lots of different names, which is a little bit confusing. So I just want to clarify the mistake.

P.S. As pointed by Mile himself(?), another version of the tune is on this site: http://thesession.org/tunes/622

Clarification or more mud? Years later….

The tune tha KC plays on D’flute that he calls Fisherman’s Farewell is known as The Bellharbor Reel - so called by Chris Droney.
The tune that Kevin calls Dillon’s Fancy is in fact Dillon’s Fancy.
He did not record Dillon’s Fancy as Fisherman’s Farewell. They are different tunes, though they are similar.

One of these session tunes that become more and more insipid with every passing of session time..


It’s not the tune that is insipid but the playing of the tune. If you’re bored with the tune it isn’t the tune itself that is boring you, so much as your playing of the tune.