If Ever I Marry, I Am A Son Of A Whore jig

Also known as Idir Aird Mhór Is Eochaill, If Ever I Marry, If Ever I Marry, I Am A Son Of A Wh__re.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: If Ever I Marry, I Am A Son Of A Whore
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:E|A>BA AGA|cde f2g|fed cAG|G>AG GEG|
A>BA AGA|cde fag|fed cAG|A3 A2:|
|:e|a>ba g>ag|f>gf e2d|c>de ged|cAG G3|
EAA AGA|cde fag|fed cAG|A3 A2:|
|:B|cEE GEE|cEE G2G|AEE cEE|dcd e3|
EAA AGA|cde fag|fed cAG|A3 A2:|
|:e|a2a g2g|fgf e2d|cde ged|cAG G3|
EAA AGA|cde fag|fed cAG|A3 A2:|
X: 2
T: If Ever I Marry, I Am A Son Of A Whore
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:F|~B3 BAB|def g2a|gfe dBA|(3.A.B.A A AFA|
(3.B.c.B B BAB|def gba|gfe dBA|B3 B2:|
|:f|bab aga|gag f2e|def afe|dBA A3|
FBB BAB|def gba|gfe dBA|B3 B2:|
|:c|dFF AFF|dFF ~A3|BFF dFF|ede ~f3|
FBB BAB|def gba|gfe dBA|B3 B2:|
|:f|b2b a2a|gag f2e|def afe|dBA (3.A.B.A A|
FBB BAB|def gba|gfe dBA|B3 B2:|

Ten comments

No, not some cynical self-penned tune, but one from the first O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion. (Where, given the times, the last word is printed as "Wh_re".)

He notes that the tune should be played "slow" and so I guess that this is probably an air to a popular song of the times. Despite some "jiggy" passages (e.g. the opening bars of the 3rd part), its dottedness would suggest that it’s not a dnace tune. (However, I stand to be corrected on this if anyone has any further info to add …)

Anyway… I’ll admit that I was drawn to this tune on account of its title. I’m reminded of the health advice on fag packets which says "Smoking is highly addictive - don’t start". Well, by the time you’re down the local corner shop handing over good cash, the sound advice is probably way too late! And so for some who’ve already made a disastrous matrimonial pact, the cautionary tone of this tune’s title will ring true, but the timing will cause them to gnash their teeth…

I know it’s not the done thing merely to copy a tune note for note from a source. However, as a basic setting of the tune, O’Farrell’s dots are hard to beat. And so I haven’t presumed to mess about with them!

I usually find tunes in "C" or "Amin" to be a right pain. F natural is a note that we play so rarely, I have to concentrate to make sure that I don’t opt for the F sharp instead. And yet I find that this tune isn’t quite as troublesome as some …

Finally … perhaps this tune is an "antidote" to the slide "I’d Rather Be Married Than Left"? :-)

Two _

In Wh_ _re, in my copy anyway.

Kind of superfluous, that fourth part. I like this tune too, because of the title, but I’d not play the fourth part, I don’t think. Then again, I all 6 of O’Farrell’s parts of his Welcome to Limerick.

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…I *play* all of O’Farrell’s…

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Nice sentiment - though I can’t see it apearing on any CD covers too soon. Or in teaching sessions, or on the CCE site or…..
Mind you it’s quirky enough to warrent learning as a "party piece" if only to set some on edge!!

Ahh I recognise it now - it’s a song I used to sing. Polyglot or micro.
Some of the top notes are wrong (on the wav)
"Már fágím mé sud mara tá sé." - But we’ll leave THAT alone.

"I am a bold fellow that oftentimes roamed,
in Castlewest I’m very well known.
In Newcastleconnor I spent many’s the hour
with Kitty and Judy and Mary."
The "rogue" goes on to explain that his parents "rebuke me, for being such a rake" but he’d rather be in the arms of his bou then comes the line as Gaeilge - Ach or Már -fágím mé sud/sin mara tá sé." Blás dependant!!
The towns are interchangable as are indeed the ladies names. I haven’t heard it sung (except in my head) for over 30yrs so I’ve no discography.
I think the very last part is a different tune mixed in - but very nice.


Interesting! I came on just to add that I’d just discovered this tune in the tunes of the munster pipers (aka the goodman collection) as "let’s leave that be" or "fagbhamaoid sud mar ata se" (with loads of fadas I can’t easily write).

I think you may be correct, except the o’farrell collection is much older than the goodman.

Swisspiper, O’Farrell published a 6 part tune as O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick. It’s very nearly the same today as it was then, except the 6th part has been lost and often (but thankfully not always) the 2nd and 5th part are played identically. There are some other minor things, too. Yes it’s often known by that name, which has a funny story that hardly anyone knows either. Ah well, such is life.

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Writing Fadás

Press Alt Gr as you press on any vowel and áéíóú
Shift + Alt Gr as you press on any vowel and ÁÉÍÓÚ
Ach ‘is fághamíd sud mara tá sé.

ps I learnt it of a guy that played at Noah’s wake.

What’s Gr?

Is that a mac key?

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The first two bits are the Gaelic "Idir Aird Mhór is Eochaill" (Between Ardmore and Youghal) which is a beautiful lively yet downbeat song (just listen to Danú’s take on it)

the last two bits are either heavy variations or additions to the original Gaelic tune which to my ear sounds like the Old Geese in the Bog