The Shetland Fiddler reel

Also known as The Shetland Fiddlers, The Spey In Spate - Strathspey.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Shetland Fiddler
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:AB|d2fd Adfe|defg afdf|e2 ge Bege|cdef gece|
d2fd Adfe| defg afdf|(3fga fd (3fga fd|Bgec d2:|
|:cd|eAfA gAaA|eaaf gfed|AeBe cede|efed cABc|
dAeA fAgA|eaaf gfed|(3fga fd (3fga fd|Bgec d2:|

Four comments

The title would suggest that this tune is Scottish, but it sounds like it’s from Donegal to me.

This is one of those "high" sounding reels. It goes well with tunes like Dinkey’s.

In the last phrase, of both parts, I’ve written in triplets. Now, normally I don’t write ornamentation in the basic tune transcription, but I have yet to hear this tune played without those triplets. The ornamention is, effectively, a permanent part of the tune.

If the constant crossbowing/crosspicking in the last part is too much, try just playing single notes.

The Shetland Fiddler (reel)

This is a pipe version of an old hornpipe called "The Hawk", composed by Scots-born but Gateshead-lived fiddler James Hill.

AKA Doughie McFay’s

See Irish Session Tunes - The Blue Book. Ossian (2003) p.8 number 3.1