The Session has a read-only API. Information that is available through the website as HTML is also available in other formats. To request a URL in another format, add ?format= to the URL with one of the these formats specified:


JSON ?format=json
XML ?format=xml
RSS ?format=rss


The following lists are available in multiple formats e.g. /tunes/new?format=json or /recordings/search?q=altan&format=rss

By default, 10 items will be returned in a list. You can request up to 50 items by appending &perpage= e.g. /tunes/new?format=json&perpage=35

If you request an individual item, e.g. /tunes/27?format=xml, you will get back the details for that item and any comments that have been posted to it.


New tune settings /tunes/new
Popular tunes /tunes/popular
Recordings of tunes /tunes/recordings
Sets of tunes /tunes/sets
Tune search results /tunes/search?q=searchterm
Individual tune /tunes/ID
Comments on tunes /tunes/comments


New recordings /recordings/new
Recordings search results /recordings/search?q=searchterm
Individual recording /recordings/ID
Comments on recordings /recordings/comments


Upcoming trips /trips/upcoming
New trips /trips/new
Trips search results /trips/search?q=searchterm
Nearby trips /trips/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual trip /trips/ID
Comments on trips /trips/comments


New sessions /sessions/new
Sessions search results /sessions/search?q=searchterm
Nearby sessions /sessions/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual session /sessions/ID
Comments on sessions /sessions/comments


Upcoming events /events/upcoming
New events /events/new
Events search results /events/search?q=searchterm
Nearby events /events/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual event /events/ID
Comments on events /events/comments


New discussions /discussions/new
Discussions search results /discussions/search?q=searchterm
Individual discussion /discussions/ID
Comments on discussions /discussions/comments

Member contributions

Tune settings /members/ID/tunes
Recordings /members/ID/recordings
Trips /members/ID/trips
Sessions /members/ID/sessions
Events /members/ID/events
Discussions /members/ID/discussions

Member data

Tunebook /members/ID/tunebook
Bookmarks /members/ID/bookmarks
Sets of tunes /members/ID/sets

Activity Streams

There are a number of activity streams published on The Session to the Activity Streams JSON specification. You can access the activity streams by appending ?format=json to these endpoints (paginate with &page=2, &page=3, etc.:

The Session /activity
Tunes /tunes/activity
Recordings /recordings/activity
Trips /trips/activity
Sessions /sessions/activity
Events /events/activity
Discussions /discussions/activity

Activity streams are also available for individual items:

Individual tune /tunes/ID/activity
Individual recording /recordings/ID/activity
Individual trip /trips/ID/activity
Individual session /sessions/ID/activity
Individual event /events/ID/activity
Individual discussion /discussions/ID/activity
Individual member /members/ID/activity

There are also individual activity streams for member notifications:

Tunes /members/ID/notifications/tunes
Recordings /members/ID/notifications/recordings
Trips /members/ID/notifications/trips
Sessions /members/ID/notifications/sessions
Events /members/ID/notifications/events
Discussions /members/ID/notifications/discussions

Data dumps

You can download CSV and JSON files of data from The Session on Github (.zip). These are updated about once a week.

Example apps

Here are some things people have made using The Session’s API or data dumps:

An app for iPhone and iPad for managing tune collections.
A web app that recognises tunes from audio input.
Session Maker
An Android app for creating sets of tunes. It integrates with your tunebook here on The Session.
TradMusician’s ABC music
An Android app for managing your tunebook.
A map showing the distribution of Irish traditional tunes which reference place names in Ireland.
A Java helper library to make it easier for Java developers to work with The Session’s API.
The Craic
An app for iPhone and iPad for searching across multiple online tune collections.