The Session has a read-only API. Information that is available through the website as HTML is also available in other formats. To request a URL in another format, add ?format= to the URL with one of the these formats specified:


JSON ?format=json
XML ?format=xml
RSS ?format=rss


The following lists are available in multiple formats e.g. /tunes/new?format=json or /recordings/search?q=altan&format=rss

By default, 10 items will be returned in a list. You can request up to 50 items by appending &perpage= e.g. /tunes/new?format=json&perpage=35

If you request an individual item, e.g. /tunes/27?format=xml, you will get back the details for that item and any comments that have been posted to it.


New tune settings /tunes/new
Popular tunes /tunes/popular
Sets of tunes /tunes/sets
Tune search results /tunes/search?q=searchterm
Individual tune /tunes/ID


New recordings /recordings/new
Recordings search results /recordings/search?q=searchterm
Individual recordings /recordings/ID


New sessions /sessions/new
Sessions search results /sessions/search?q=searchterm
Nearby sessions /sessions/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual session /sessions/ID


New events /events/new
Events search results /events/search?q=searchterm
Nearby events /events/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual event /events/ID


New trips /trips/new
Trips search results /trips/search?q=searchterm
Nearby trips /trips/nearby?latlon=latitude,longitude&radius=75
Individual trip /trips/ID


New discussions /discussions/new
Discussions search results /discussions/search?q=searchterm
Individual discussion /discussions/ID

Member contributions

Tune settings /members/ID/tunes
Recordings /members/ID/recordings
Sessions /members/ID/sessions
Events /members/ID/events
Discussions /members/ID/discussions
Sets of tunes /members/ID/sets
Trips /members/ID/trips

Activity Streams

There are a number of activity streams published on The Session to the Activity Streams JSON specification. You can access the activity streams by appending ?format=json to these endpoints (paginate with &page=2, &page=3, etc.:

The Session /activity
Tunes /tunes/activity
Recordings /recordings/activity
Sessions /sessions/activity
Events /events/activity
Discussions /discussions/activity

Activity streams are also available for individual items:

Individual tune /tunes/ID/activity
Individual recording /recordings/ID/activity
Individual session /sessions/ID/activity
Individual event /events/ID/activity
Individual discussion /discussions/ID/activity
Individual member /members/ID/activity

There are also individual activity streams for member notifications:

Tunes /members/ID/notifications/tunes
Recordings /members/ID/notifications/recordings
Sessions /members/ID/notifications/sessions
Events /members/ID/notifications/events
Discussions /members/ID/notifications/discussions

Data dumps

You can download CSV and JSON files of data from The Session on Github (.zip). These are updated about once a week.