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  • Re: Sandy MacIntyre R.I.P.

    Thanks, meself. I think I've got it wrong though about Sandy being 'already an accomplished fiddler' that time he accompanied Buddy.

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  • Concertina’s place in ITM

    I have to say that it's quite possible that I'm not well-enough acquainted with the concertina yet, and I need to have my mind expanded.

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  • Re: Harmonica players

    If you are planning on playing at sessions, you will find that reels and jigs are hard to play at session speed, so a good place to start would be waltzes, polkas, hormpipes and O'Carolan tunes. (Even though polkas have a fast tempo, there are often fewer...

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  • Beginner concertina, ornamentation question.

    Because instruments can be wildly different one to another, I figure there's ornamentation that might be easier to play on some instruments (making it more effectively played and sounds better) that might not be as easily played on other instruments (soun...

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  • Re: Tunes you hear all the time, and tunes you wish you heard more often.

    Thanks all for the replies, I've enjoyed reading them! You all have some good points, and offer up some good music to add to my playlist. 🙂

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