frustration in the search

frustration in the search

i am constantly looking for songs i hear here and there (please excuse the pun) and find that many i seek are nigh imposible to find recordings of. does anyone have suggestion for where to find old recordings of ITM and ballads that were probably recoded on vynel and eight track?

Re: frustration in the search

You can be lazy like me and just learn the tunes you’ve heard enough to whistle or sing all the way through. I frequently learn a tune and then have to beat around playing it everywhere and ask the title.

Re: frustration in the search

There are a number of sites where old ITM can be found free of charge, cleaned up and digitized. A few of the more obvious ones are:

There are audio files of old ITM scattered through the net, so you have to search in every thoroughly to shake them all out.

If you have the time to peel back the pages of bureaucratic officialdom and know the particular recording you want, then you might find this link helpful, maybe, if you wait in line long enough, and if, somehow, before your teeth fall out and your bones turn to dust, you get what you were looking for:

But it may be easier to navigate this next site, and of much more help, also. I think they’ll send you CD’s if you send them a check or paypal or however they have it set up. I’ve personally never done it by mail, so you’d have to read along and figure out how to access the colection, then point them out in an email, pay up and get your packet in the mail. I believe UCLA has a similar program.

Again, if you know the particular title of an out-of-print CD, cassette or LP, then give this a shot, they’ve rustled up a few for me in the past:

Of course there’s Amazon. Alibris,, etc. to try as well. Check Musicstack also.

The old 78s (especially the odd ones) are rarely in one single recording under one performer’s name nowadays and usually compiled with other ‘source’ or ‘period’ recordings, so you’ll have to do some sleuthing to find the titles of compilations which contain the music you’re looking for. Good Luck, search hard, even follow links you think are going to dead end, and be optimistic.

You might also try soliciting someone through this site who might have what you’re looking for and be willing to make a copy for you, if you pick up the tape and the post. There’s a Liam Rowsome LP that went up on eBay once, and since I wasn’t the winning bidder I’ve been holding my tongue here, too embarrassed to ask if any kind soul might happen to own it and be willing to make a copy for me! Ooops, I think I just plugged myself… anyhow, best of luck, let us know how it turns up.