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My normal e-mail won’t accept anonymous e-mails or group sends, so any e-mails I’ve been directing into my hotmail account. Only problem is, hotmail is pathetic. I’ve been trying to access it for 3 days now and I can’t even get into the login page. I’m absolutely furious and I want to scream and take a baseball bat to something glass and shatter it into little pieces. Is anyone else having hotmail problems (and therefore also e-mail problems). Please someone be out there having the same problem so I know at least I’m not alone.

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I’ve used hotmail in the past as a back-up e-mail provider (esp when travelling) and stopped using it for very much your reasons, Mark, although I never redirected other mail into it. I now use Mozilla Thunderbird which does an excellent job and has never let me down.
Are you going to compose a rant called " e-mail" ? :-)

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At last I’ve been able to identify the fault, which was that my modem wasn’t set to deal with a phone line upgrade in my local area. I still hate hotmail though >:-|

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A couple of years ago, we had a bad ice storm which knocked power out to our house for over a week. Since I couln’t access email at home, I went to my son’s house and set up a hotmail account.

I was immediately inundated with spam out the wazoo.

It got so bad that I couldn’t find the emails that I really wanted to read, so I cancelled soon after we got back home. ;>(

I’ve been using G-mail since it was first offered, and I have never had spam of any kind. Plus you get 2737 megs of storage, I have over a hundred emails with attachments and I am currently using 0% of all my storage capability.


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Dear Abby -

I went to the trouble of making a batch of popcorn. I waited a good 15 minutes for my coke to get near slushy in the freezer. I then settled in to my chair, and loaded the page on the big monitor.

The baseball bat was the start of something good, and a nice head of steam was going by the word ‘shatter’. Then…good god you even used the word "please" in there.

I suppose it was the lure of an entirely separate thread devoted to a rant that sucked me in.

Frankly I was expecting so much more from this thread. From the master of all ranters. I’ve seen far more vituperative offerings under discussions as innocuous as "Hey Nice Weather We’re Having"

- Left Cold in Buffalo

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Gmail… hehe

I don’t use it for important emails, just for extra storage and stuff. It is kind of scary that one of Google’s founders did a grad study on data mining.

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*Shudder*. If you thought too hard about this stuff you’d never use the internet!

I love that cartoon at the bottom with that guy going "can we keep our google toolbar?" :-D

“Master of all Ranters” ~ ? & “Please”? ~ :-P

S’alright, s’alright, put the baseball bat down, have a seat, and take deep breaths counting them ~ then go and fix yourself a nice tall drink, maybe a Long Island Iced Tea. It’ll put a whole new perspective on the digital universe.

Besides, I’m happy now, it means all those flaming emails I sent you will have time to smoulder and you’ll have time to settle in…to my benefit. I can think of nothing worse than being on the wrong end of an argument with you… ;-)

Stop your swearing and swatting at the air with the bat. I’m here. It’s too late… Heh, HEH, HEH!!! (That’s supposed to be an evil laugh…) Ain’t it particularly bad when you start this rant about your hotmail account and in the process find out it was your fault in the first place…

“Master of all Ranters” ~ ? & “Please”? ~ :-P

What are you doing with a baseball bat anyway, I thought you had an ASBO against you and you weren’t allowed to have any dangerous weapons or be out after a certain time at night. Now where’s that number for your probation officer. I know it is here somewhere…

ASBO = Anti-Social Behaviour Order

Just think of me as hemlock to Socrates… :-) ~ just another irritating weed…

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I use hotmail all the time, absolutely no problems whatsoever. However, I do have a baseball bat handy, just in case.

How many of us have baseball bats on hand?

This could be a telling trend. I’m worried. I will especially be worried if I see anyone with a long instrument case or bag approximating the size of said potential weapon…

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It’ll probably be a low A whistle………………or will it?

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the other version of an ASBO is a chav, I have never looked the same way at budget clothing racks the same way again, all those ‘tracksuits’

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Re: e-mail rant ~ Chav or Spide??? ;-)

You should see Dow, alias Mark, if ever there was a ‘chav’. No, oops, I think I got it wrong, he likes to think of himself as a Spide… (Only just learned that word ) Anyway, you know these wanna be Irishmen. I don’t think he’s ever even been to Belfast, but he does fit the dress code…

Damn, a low A whistle, I get hand cramps just thinking about it…

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oooooh a spide is an irish chav….

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Shav & Shpide ~

I suppose, really, to keep it to the point, as I run off to enjoy the rain in the countryside ~ we should bring it around to here and new definitions. I’ll start with the terms, any definition mongers monger away ~



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Yes, I’ve been using that too. I like the way they notify you if their server goes down for maintenance instead of just leaving you to stew, wondering when you’ll next be able to check your e-mail.

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I’ve recently started using gmail. But a caveat: it’s still in beta, so in theory Google could pull it at any time. Accordingly, I’ve set up my gmail account so that everything it receives is forwarded to my first email provider where it gets stored on my pc - a belt and braces approach I suppose, but no harm done.
Gmail is very fast, just as Google searches are, so I expect a similar distributed technology is being used.
As a previous poster said, no sign of spam on gmail, not that I get any on my primary provider, Blueyonder.

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I have never had a problem with Hotmail, except the one time when I had not checked my mail in a while and they closed down my account, ya, wasn’t happy with that.

As for Spam and all that its fine.

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So, I gather, which was a question in keeping with the original post, the only confession of possessing a baseball bat, or hinting at it, and having a ‘moment’ of wanting to swing one at glass, is Dow… The closest thing I have is steep bar, but I’ve never wanted to break glass with it. I did remove a tree stump once, and that was tough work but satisfying.

Email wise I have several accounts with the same people, no problems really, nothing lasting. I did have someone, a ‘university prof, who’d obviously left his sanity somewhere and decided for some reason he wanted t o do us digital harm by entering our email address on all kinds of things rude and absurd so that we’d be inundated with spam… The remains of that, how several years old, continue. I have considered retiring that account but my wife likes it, but maybe. Spam is an odd thing. We do have decent filters, but I get fed up with the daily flow of around 20 items ~ loans, software, pills to make your privates grow ~ and of course all those unbelievably wealthy folk out there wanting to give me their millions, princes, princesses, dictators, you name it, they all write us for help… Now I would love a solution for that, but it isn’t in me to scam them back, as others have suggested…

Hey, this thread is still alive! ~ Will it reach 50? ;-)

‘steep bar’? = a steel bar…